What are three different issues that increased tensions between the North and the South?

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There were several issues that increased tensions between the North and the South. One of them was the issue of slavery. The South wanted to have slavery and wanted it to spread to new areas. The North was against slavery, especially the spread of it. These different viewpoints led to confrontations between northerners and southerners. Sometimes, these confrontations turned violent.

Another issue that increased tensions was the protective tariff. The South believed the protective tariff hurt southerners. The tariff made it more expensive for southerners to buy products. The North supported the tariff because it allowed the northern industries to compete with the European industries.

A third issue causing tensions was the issue of states’ rights. Southerners believed that states should have the right to nullify laws that hurt one region of the country while benefitting another region. Northerners were against this concept because they believed we were a united country and felt all laws should apply throughout the United States. It would also make it much harder for northern businesses to operate if there were different laws in different states. The South was very upset with the high protective tariff and wanted to nullify some of the tariff laws.

There were many issues that created tensions between the North and the South. These issues ultimately led to the start of the Civil War.

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