What are three important events that occurred in The Diary of a Young Girl between April 3, 1944 and August 1, 1944?

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The following are three significant events that occur in The Diary of a Young Girl between Monday, April 3, 1944 and Tuesday, August 1, 1944:

1) On Tuesday, April 11, 1944, the warehouse which houses the secret annex hiding Anne and the others is broken into. Anne, Margot, their mother, and Mrs. van Daan wait while Otto, Mr. van Daan, and Peter go downstairs to investigate. Anne describes having "visions of all fifteen of us being dragged away by the Gestapo that very night." The police eventually come and rattle the bookcase guarding the entrance to the annex, which scares everyone even more. Anne states that "None of us have ever been in such danger as we were that night."

2) On Saturday, April 15, 1944 (which Anne writes about the next day, April 16th), Anne shares her first kiss with Peter. After sitting with Peter for a long time, Peter begins to caress Anne's cheek and arm and play with her hair. She describes what happens next as follows:

Peter put on his tennis shoes so he wouldn't make much noise on his nightly round of the building, and I was standing next to him. How I suddenly made the right movement, I don't know, but before we went downstairs, he gave me a kiss, through my hair, half on my left cheek and half on my ear.

3) On Tuesday, June 6, 1944, D-Day happens. The invasion has begun with "British landing craft... engaged in combat with German naval units" and "heavy bombing of Calais, Boulogne, Le Havre and Cherbourg, as well as Pas de Calais." Anne questions whether this is the beginning of the liberation, believing that she may be able to return to school in the fall. Sadly, Anne will never be liberated, nor will she return to school. But for now, there is hope.

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