What ​three​ historical facts can be found from The ​New York Times ​or another reputable source about Mount Eden in the Bronx? What color is mount Eden on the historic map from the 1930s? What does it tell about the history of Mount Eden?

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Presently, Mount Eden is a working-class New York city (NYC) neighborhood in the West Bronx within Claremont Park. Streets running through Mount Eden include Jerome Ave., Walton Ave., Teller Ave., Morris Ave., and Grand Concourse. Mount Eden has a population of roughly 20,236 people. The neighborhood has a rich history dating back to the early 1800s, when landowner Rachel Eden purchased the undeveloped land.

In 1858, Elliot and Anna Zborowski de Montsaulain bought the large estate encompassing Mount Eden from the affluent Morris family, who had acquired the plot since Eden's original purchase. They built a mansion called Claremont,“clear mountain”, and a park known as Tremont, that encompassed the neighborhoods of Mount Eden, Claremont, and what was Fairmont. In 1888, the City of New York purchased the property from the Zborowski family and made it into public space, constructing playgrounds and paths.

The picturesque, antiqued cobblestone fenceposts on the staircase heading down the Mount Eden parkway along Teller and Morris avenues nod to the rich history of the neighborhood and the painstaking detail that was put into its ornamentation.

Tremont would go on to become the Bronx’s longest route, stretching from Harlem River to the Long Island Sound. This route would help to develop the famous Grand Concourse and many other commercial areas within the Bronx. On historic maps dating back to the early 1900s, Mount Eden can be recognized as having many long, lengthy, green grass medians or tracts, which were known as “malls,” named after “Pall-mall,” a croquet-like game from London. These signature green tracts are still on the map today as the "Mount Eden Malls."

Driving through Mount Eden these days, one can see antiqued white arrowhead signs that are becoming rare in the Bronx alongside art-deco apartment buildings. Mount Eden is 59.9% Hispanic or Latino, 23.2% Black, 7.8% Asian, 2.2% White, 1.4% American Indian, and 2.3% other ethnicities. The neighborhood’s median household income is half that of New York State's. The average Mount Eden household also has 5.4 people compared to the NYS median household size of only 2.7. This means that households in Mount Eden typically have more people than the average household in NYS, but far less income.

Because of high poverty rates in Mount Eden, analysis shows that it is one of the Bronx neighborhoods with higher than average housing code violations and childhood lead levels. Additionally, Mount Eden was recorded as one of NYC's twelve most heat-vulnerable communities. This means that when NYC summer temperatures soar, people in Mount Eden are at higher risk for heat related fatalities like heat stroke.

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