What are three good corporations that could sponsor a football team?Please provide a justification as to why you chose each company and describe a method you can use to promote each corporation...

What are three good corporations that could sponsor a football team?

Please provide a justification as to why you chose each company and describe a method you can use to promote each corporation sponsor.

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brettd eNotes educator| Certified Educator

You don't specify what kind of football you mean, so I am assuming you mean at the professional level.  In terms of specific companies, think of those that a) have a large advertising budget, and b) have products that appeal to the football demographic (Middle class White and African-American males aged 18 - 50).

Beer and car companies often meet both of these criteria and purchase lots of ad time and make sponsorship deals.  Budweiser is a prime candidate, as is Ford.  Next I'd look at sports apparel companies - athletic shoes like Nike, or companies that manufacture "official" NFL gear.

Methods of promotion can include giving them "official sponsorships" that place their name and products in the on air advertisements and around the stadium.  You can make deals that also places their products or beverages at the actual stadium. You can have giveaway nights sponsored by a different corporation each home game, such as Nike Hat Night, or Budweiser Bobblehead night.

pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Basically, any large company -- any company that has enough money to spend on this would be fine.  The only thing you would want to say no to would be anything with a bad reputation, like you surely wouldn't want a company that had mafia ties or was owned by China.

I'd pick maybe a sports drink company because that is something that would appeal to the same people who want to watch football.

Beer companies would probably be good because most people don't think they are bad and because lots of people drink beer while watching football.

Other than that... maybe Nike or some other company like that that could sell jerseys and things and make money off of being associated with your team.


Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that the previous poster's suggestion that any organization with capital can support an athletic team would be a good one.  Naturally, there is a natural attraction between a football team and types of organizations which could have convergent tie ins to it.  For example, a sports drink company might benefit greatly from its placement with a successful athletic team, almost to suggest that the success is due to the drink.  A car company could also align itself with a sports team, citing speed and durability in both product and athletic product.  Finally, a sports medicine company could benefit from its patronage to an athletic team for either assisting with healing of injuries or preventing them.

thewanderlust878 | Student

As it has been stated, any large company with enough money can sponsor a professional football team. More often than not football team owners are always looking to get more money or free items (jerseys, tablets to view plays on, etc) so they agree to put the label of "official ____ of the NFL" on the sponsor's product. For example, in more recent years, Microsoft Surface Pro tablet has become the "official tablet of the NFL". Every game the cameras pan over the station in which the tablets are at, and they always show a player or coach reviewing plays on it. Along with regular commercials about the tablet, this advertising supposedly causes the consumer to go out and buy it over say, an iPad. If coaches and players of my favorite NFL team use it, then why shouldn't I? seems to be the mentality involved with much of the advertising. 

Hope this helps!