What are three falling actions in The Devil's Arithmetic?

Expert Answers
accessteacher eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Let us remember that the falling action comes straight after the climax of a work of literature, or the point of greatest emotional intensity, and leads towards the resolution. In this great holocaust novel, the climax is definitely when Hannah and her friends go into Lilith's Cave to face their death like so many other Jews during the Holocaust. The falling action, therefore, occurs straight after this event in Chapter 19. Three events of note would be Hannah's return to the present and her sense of loss at not having said goodbye to Shifre and Esther. Then, when Hannah sits next to her Aunt Eva, she is able to decode the tatoo on her arm and the meaning of the letters and numbers, understanding finally the identity of her aunt and Grandpa Will. Hannah, thanks to her experiences in the past, is now able to understand her relatives, their horrific experiences, and the importance of such ceremonies as Passover that commemorate both the suffering of the Jewish people and their deliverance.