what are three facts about george?

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George is a complex man whose character and motives may be analysed at length. However, precious few facts about him are revealed. This is because George is a private man who keeps himself to himself. It also ties in with Steinbeck's portrait of the itinerant worker having few ties, little significant history. We do get some facts about George's physical characteristics when he first appears: he is Lennie's opposite, for example, small against Lennie's hugeness. The only facts George reveals about himself are to the godlike Slim: he tells Slim that he and Lennie were born and raised in Auburn and that he knew Lennie's Aunt Clara who raised him. 'When his Aunt Clara died, Lennie just come along with me out working'. These then are the bare facts behind their unforgettable friendship. One other important fact revealed to Slim: George has no family ('no people'); maybe they are dead or maybe they've just lost touch. Lennie is all he has. 

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