What are three examples of "satire" in the novel The Edible Woman?

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There are a lot of examples in the relationship between Marian and Peter which are satirical. One example could be when Marian physically runs away, and Peter pursues her and is excited by her behavior. While in reality, Marian is losing herself, the stereotypical "play hard to get" routine actually works. This is satirizing traditional courtship between a man and woman.

Another example could be that everyone around Marian is obsessed with giving birth, and nearly every other female character is either pregnant or trying to get pregnant. This satirizes the false choices women have- either be pregnant or get pregnant.

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  1. through exposure of one of the terrible elements of consumer market
  2. through telling us readers how the markets had brought down the influence on women in business world and throwing down them from economics
  3. through the corrections of the imperfectness of the business society

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