What are three examples of a restaurant uniform?

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The attire worn by employees of any restaurant tend to reflect the type of food being served and the atmosphere in which it is being presented. All restaurant employees need to dress in a manner that allows for ease of movement and that does not include long sleeves or other parts of the clothing that may interfere with the employee's work activities.

Fast food restaurants, such as many of the world-wide chains, provide uniforms that are basic and serviceable. Short-sleeved shirts and pants are the normal uniform, with aprons and head coverings of some sort added for those directly involved in preparing the food. The uniforms are frequently colors drawn from the company's logo or advertising promotions.

Ethnic restaurants, locations featuring the cuisine of a particular country or area, may use uniforms based on the traditional dress of the area from which the food comes. This allows patrons to experience the local color as well as the tastes of the food and its culture.

Formal dining establishments, those featuring prize-winning chefs creating culinary dishes of great refinement, require a corresponding style of dress among those involved in serving the patrons. Crisp white shirts and black pants, possibly with ties and vests or coats, will be the normal uniform for wait staff, while maitre d' and hostess positions may wear formal dress.

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