What are three examples of repetitions used in Patrick Henry's speech to the Virginia Convention?

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Patrick Henry's 1775 speech to the Virginia House of Burgesses was a call for the colonies to take up arms in their resistance to continued British rule. Henry felt that the time for negotiation had ended and that a war for independence was the only strategy left.

Henry tells his listeners, "the war is inevitable and let it come! I repeat it, sir, let it come." Here, by repeating "let it come," Henry makes clear that he believes that war will soon break out in the colonies, and it would be better if the colonies went on the offensive before the British army and navy could attack.

Throughout the speech, Henry repeatedly uses the word "sir" to address the president of the House of Burgesses. He is aware that his stance is controversial and that he will have to work hard to convince the colonies that they can prevail in armed conflict with Britain. By maintaining a respectful tone and acknowledging the president's authority, he improves his chances of a fair hearing.

And finally, Henry uses...

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