Identify three examples of events or methods from the Jungle that you believe best illustrate the issues caused by rapid industrialization and urbanization. For each event list one example. 

bohemianteacher4u | Student

In the book The Jungle by Upton Sinclair, the city is overcrowded with people. Industrialization has led to a need for increased labor and cheap labor. The result is that people are crammed into inadequate housing. The harsh reality is that many of them are immigrants who are easily made into victims by people who sell them inferior homes. People moved rapidly into the city hoping for work. The rapid urbanization of the city causes overcrowding. Many immigrants from Europe moved into the city seeking a new life and filled with hope. They were easily victimized.

I would also have to say that rapid industrialization with little concern for the workers led to a cycle of poverty and hard work that never seemed to get the poor any further up the social ladder. Many of the workers were used to farming and had grown up on farms, but when the Industrial Revolution started, it was a beginning to the end of the agrarian way of life.

Another event that was the result of rapid industrialization includes the use of children in the labor market. Child labor was needed to reach parts of the equipment that other men could not reach. The children worked long hard hours and for little money. They did not have a childhood that consisted of playtime and school.

Men, women, and children received injuries on the job caused by machinery. The companies did not provide any restitution for the injured. As people became injured and could no longer work, they became part of the city's homeless and destitute.

Rapid industrialization also made it possible for meat to be processed and canned. The meat industry was not regulated at the time. Every part of the meat was used, including the droppings that mixed in with sawdust on the floor. The poor people purchased meat that was largely made up of sawdust. Even the United States military fell victim to shabby practices in the meat industry. Sinclair's novel led to the investigation into the meat packaging and processing industry and his novel helped to change the practices in the industry.