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What are three examples of Cyrano's development as a Chivalric character in Rostand's Cyrano de Bergerac?

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Of his main character Edmond Rostand observed that he has "panache": "not greatness ... but something which ... stirs above it ... the spirit of gallantry.' Certainly, Cyrano de Bergerac captures chivalry and wit in every act. But, there are three salient acts of chivalry in this drama:

1. In Act II, although Cyrano himself is deeply in love with his cousin Roxane, he agrees to watch over Christian when Roxane comes to him with her loving plea for the soldier of the Gascony guards with whom she is infatuated. And, although Cyrano believes at first that she thinks of him, but is disappointed when she calls the man "handsome." Nonetheless, he agrees ironically with Roxane's statement that she and Cyrano...

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