Charles Questions and Answers
by Shirley Jackson

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What are the three evidences that characterised Charles/ Laurie ?

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I'm not exactly sure what you mean by evidences, but I'm going to assume examples.  Laurie, the boy in the story Charles by Shirley Jackson, is described at the beginning of the story as a sweet voiced little boy.  In reality, Laurie is trying to leave childhood behind when he "forgets to wave goodbye to his mother".  His adjustment to the new world of school is not good as he becomes the boy who is always in trouble, but describes that boy as "Charles" with new stories each day about what new wrong action Charles has done that day.  The scary part of the story is when the mother goes to school and finds out that Charles doesn't exist which makes the clueless parents who ask no questions, allow Laurie to do as he pleases, and view the new situation of school to simply be entertainment for their own personal viewing a comment on society's disregard for teaching behavior to their own child.  At first, it is funny, but when you think of them raising a son with a girl's name, and to be as clueless and ineffective with such a strong willed child, it becomes scary.

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