What are three events and charactaers that contribute to Montag's change?

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I would say that the following three people events help to make Montag change to being a rebel.

  • Clarisse McClellan.  She makes Montag sort of take stock of his life and realize that he was not in love, was not liking his life, etc.
  • The old lady who burns herself up.  She made him think that there must be something to books if she was willing to kill herself over them.
  • Millie almost kills herself by accident.  This makes him realize that her life is empty and that she doesn't care about him or their life together.
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Two other important events and characters that influence Montag to change in Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451are Montag's first meeting with Faber, which the reader is told occurred before the opening of the novel, and Montag's encounter with the mechanical hound.

Faber leaves enough of an impression on Montag that Montag remembers him, and when Montag wants to learn to comprehend what he reads he knows to call Faber.

The mechanical hound spooks Montag, and demonstrates that the society is just not right.  It's threatening actions toward Montag place Montag as an outsider, even at the fire station.  The hound is just one more eerie aspect of the society for Montag to rebel against. 

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