What are three epic conventions in the movie or book The Lord of the Rings that can be found in The Odyssey?

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There are many epic conventions found in both, since you ask for three, I will try to think of the best ones.

First, there is the idea of a voyage that is plagued with difficulties. Just as Odysseus had to travel to get home, Frodo and Sam had a voyage. To be sure, Frodo and Sam's voyage was not to home, but it was to save their homes. Second, there is obvious element of warfare. No epic is complete without tons of battles and destruction. Third, there is the element of the gods or superhuman powers that are in place.

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The first convention would probably be the focus on the actions of the hero against the backdrop of important historical events. The hero's actions, at least in part, shape the outcome of these events.

One Internet source (http://english.tjc.edu/greekromanepic/conventions.htm) cites a number of other conventions that might apply:

Epithet: The hobbit Frodo is called by other names, such as The Ring Bearer.

Long and formal speeches by characters

Gods (or wizards and the evil disembodied force of Sauron, who are all clearly more than human) intervene

Vast settings

Values of civilizations

On a side note, I think it might make more sense to compare The Lord of the Rings to the Germanic epic Beowulf. There's nothing wrong with making the comparison to The Odyssey, but Tolkien was clearly influenced by the Germanic tale.

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