What are three emotional challenges brought about by working a low wage job?I'm writing an essay, and having trouble coming up with three emotional challenges brought about by working a low wage...

What are three emotional challenges brought about by working a low wage job?

I'm writing an essay, and having trouble coming up with three emotional challenges brought about by working a low wage job??


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clairewait eNotes educator| Certified Educator

It sounds like you are at the brainstorming step of this paper.  I applaud you for designating that you will need three challenges, as these will become the three body paragraphs of your paper.  I caution you, however, not to limit yourself to only brainstorming three.  Instead, I encourage you to brainstorm as many ideas as possible, and from those ideas, draw the three emotional categories/topics into which some specific examples can be classified.

Here are some ideas to help you get started on a long brainstormed list which you will ultimately organize into a 3 point outline:

Challenges of a working a low-wage job might include:

  • the lack of ability to move up in pay or position
  • lack of benefits (health insurance, life insurance, vacation, etc.)
  • difficult hours ("shift" jobs)
  • possible lack of appreciation or individual attention for work well done
  • working to "make ends meet" and possible lack of ability to save money every month
  • worry about finances in general
  • possible difficulty in providing for a large family

If you can start with the above list and continue with such ideas, you will have more than enough in the way of "example material" to create three topic categories for emotional difficulty.  One immediate idea for a topic category is the general worry about finances that a low-wage job might create.  Keep going...

kiwi eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There have been some great suggestions here, and you should be well on your way. Some other ideas could be

Lack of job security - low wage jobs can be seasonal, piecework or high-turnover jobs where competition may be high and staff loyalty counts for little.

Exploitation - without access to union support or clear personnel procedures, low wage staff are easily exploited. hours, wages and conditions can all go unregulated.

Good luck with your work. I think, as the earlier posts suggest, that you are better with more ideas at the beginning so you can refine your choices for your essay.



litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator
Good one! First of all, there are many people in the current economy who are "underemployed" and have more education and experience than needed for their job. In that case they might be embarrassed taking a job so much lower than their previous one, or for wasting money and racking up debt getting a degree they're not using. Another challenge is that you usually need more than one of these jobs to make ends meet. That can really be draining. Finally, there can be a lot of stress within a family when the wage earners don't make enough to support the family.
gleena31 | Student

It is very true that we cant limit to only three emotional challenges faced in a low wage job.There are many people who are underemployed. They may be highly educated and skilled, but due to certain unavoidable reasons they end up in a job that does not meet their expectations which results in emotional imbalances arising from such jobs. So lets analyse

  • no job satisfaction- no motivation factor for you to do well as you are not paid well.
  • not able to meet the needs of the family-with inflation, it is difficult to survive with meagre income.
  • with no other facilities such as provident fund,travel allowance,medical leaves,not being made a permanent employee etc,
  • working conditions are not favourable-long working hours and no appreciation.
  • financial problems at home
  • bleak chances of promotion or a pay hike
  • no job guarantee
  • not able to give enough time to the family for a job that is not worth it.

These above points will definitely help you to go on with ease Good Luck

luckygal | Student

the three emotions set with the job is

  1. difficult situations
  2. no fd's , medical leaves , no bonuses
  3. treatment is bad and non rewading
  4. prone to haressment