What three elements did Faber feel were missing from contemporary life?

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1. The quality of books

2. The leisure to digest it.

3. The right to carry out actions based upon what we learn from interactions with the first two.

The first one, the quality of books, demonstrates that Faber believes there are not enough books in the world that help people learn and form their own opinions for based on what they have read and learned. The ability to think for themselves has been taken away and replaced by the government. 

The second refers to the idea that there is no leisure in their society. People do not sit on porches and talk out ideas with one another nor do they even engage in the idea to think deeply about certain topics. 

The third refers to the concept that the people of their society are allowed to act upon what they have learned from the books. It is sufficient to say that people are not allowed to make their own decisions and only follow what they government tells them to do.