What are three effects of the Agricultural Revolution?

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There were many significant human developments that happened as a result of the Agricultural Revolution. The use of farming motivated people to migrate to areas where water was accessible, usually near rivers.  Agriculture also caused people to settle down and abandon the nomadic lifestyle of hunting and gathering. Due to the increased availability of food, the population increased. Humans found the need to develop more formal governments as they populated in large numbers in small areas. Governments could settle disputes and manage the surplus of food that existed.

Because a surplus of food was created, humans began to trade with one another.  This motivated people to become craftsman or merchants, so a variety of specialized jobs was established.  

All of these results, when combined, led to the birth of civilization. 

There were also negative aspects related to the Agricultural Revolution. Diseases were spread among people more readily because of the close proximity associated with settlements. Warfare also spread as there was now intense competition for resources.  

Results of Agricultural Revolution

  1. Population Increase
  2. Permanent Settlement
  3. Formal Governments
  4. Specialized Jobs
  5. Civilization
  6. Increase in Disease
  7. Increase in Warfare

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