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What are types of resolvable and irreconcilable differences that exist in marriage?

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Given that women are no longer, in western countries, subordinated to men, and that they are not economically compelled to remain in bad marriages, and that divorce is relatively simple (from a legal, if not pyschological perspective), over half of new marriages in the United States likely to end in divorce. Some of this is due to irreconcilable differences, such as one partner wanting a large family and one wanting no children, or one being mainly interested in a high-paying career and sophisticated urban lifestyle and the other wishing to be part of a slower-paced rural community. Conflicts in marriage can focus on lifestyle issues, power, money, and children. Some of these can be resolved by compromise (e.g. increasing savings to please a more financially conservative partner but budgeting a fixed amount for a monthly splurge for a partner who wants a less frugal lifestyle) or retaining areas of independence (one night a week where she meets her friends for gossip and he watches football with his buddies).

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