What are three differences between Adele and Edna’s appearances? This is asked in chapter four.

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Upon careful review of the chapter, it is easy to find textual evidence of the difference between the two women.

In chapter 2, Edna is described as having "eyes that were quick and bright" and that she had a way of turning her eyes in way that looked as if she were "lost in some inward maze of contemplation."  She has plain light brown hair. Later it says that "she was rather handsome than beautiful" and that she usually had a "certain frankness of expression."

On the other hand, in chapter 4 it says that with Adele "there was nothing subtle or hidden about her charms; her beauty was all there, flaming and apparent: the spun-gold hair ... the blue eyes like sapphires; two lips that pouted, [and] that were so red that one could only think of cherries." She embodied "grace of every step, pose, gesture."

Clearly, Adele is the classic beautywith almost stereotypical features of timeless loveliness. Edna is striking, but not gorgeous. She is strong, but not captivating in the more "typical" way that women are judged -- on their looks.

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