What are three conflicts the character faced?

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I am guessing you are asking about Gary Paulsen's novel The Rifle. Unfortunately, I am not sure which character you are inquiring about: the story has many characters, as the time frame ranges from 1768 to the present day. Maybe it would be best to talk about a few of the main characters and some of the key challenges they face. 

The first "main character" is Cornish McManus, a gunsmith and owner of a gun shop. We are introduced to this character in 1768, as the novel opens. What is the primary conflict that McManus faces? McManus has almost no money. Although he is satisfied in his professional life, as he has recently crafted a special rifle that is much more accurate than other guns, he faces a challenge in his personal life. He wants to get married, but he does not have enough money. As a result, he has to sell his prized possession: the rifle.

The man who buys the rifle, John Byam, is the next central character. Finances clearly are not a problem for Byam, but he will encounter a different struggle: poor health. He dies of dysentery, and his precious rifle is given away.

The gun will change hands a few more times before we make it to the next main character and his conflicts. Harv Kline acquires the rifle in the present day. Kline recognizes the gun's value and mounts it above his fireplace. What conflict will Kline flace? Kline will have to endure terribly bad luck. At Christmastime, Kline trips and falls in his living room, near the fireplace, sending sparks into the air. Those sparks trigger the rifle, which Kline did not realize was loaded. The rifle fires, and the bullet shoots out of Kline's home and into the house of his neighbor, where it kills a young boy. I would call that a conflict.

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