What are three clues that indicate Rainsford is a hunter in "The Most Dangerous Game"? no

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engtchr5 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Most clues pointing to Rainsford's profession can be found in this story's dialogue. When he is conversing with Zaroff, the general recognizes him as "the great hunter," which is a primary reason why Zaroff wants him in the game.

In addition, Rainsford's conversations with characters like Whitney show that he has had hunting experience. As the two are conversing aboard the yacht, the subject is brought up.

As you examine Rainsford's actions once the game has begun, it becomes obvious that his prior experiences as a hunter are serving him in thinking like a wary piece of prey. He climbs trees, backtracks, and leaves a very convoluted trail for Zaroff to follow. What's more, he winds up fooling Zaroff into thinking that he has escaped, drowned, or left toward the end of this story.

hbrown-phs eNotes educator| Certified Educator

1.  Look at Rainsford's initial conversation with Whitney on the yacht before he falls overboard.  There is at least one reference there. 

2.  Then look at the part where Rainsford meets General Zaroff for the first time. Pay attention to their conversation as well. 

3.  Finally, re-read the parts when Rainsford is in the forest trying to avoid being tracked by Zaroff.  What does the narration say?  What does Rainsford say to and about himself?  

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