What are three characteristics that Leslie and Jess both have in Bridge to Terabithia? Expand.  

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Jesse and Lesley are both outcasts at school—Jesse because he is an artist, which is seen as a feminine pursuit, and Lesley because she is the new girl who dresses strangely and outran all the boys in their race on her first day at Lark Creek Elementary. The boys' jealousy of her became dislike, meaning that both Jesse and Lesley were unpopular.

A second thing that the children share in common is the respite that they experience when they are in Terabithia. For Leslie, it is a place where she is not seen as the new girl with the strange dress sense, and for Jesse, it is an escape from his difficult family life.

A third commonality shared between Jesse and Leslie is their extremely creative personalities. Jesse's creative outlet is drawing and painting, while Leslie's is showcased in the invention of the land of Terabithia.

Both Leslie and Jess are caring individuals. They care deeply for each other, and that is a reason why they exchange gifts with each other, but I don't think that is...

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