What are three characteristics that Brutus and Cassius have in common? Give an example of each.

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Many would say that Brutus and Cassius do not share any characteristics as Brutus is "noble" and Cassius is not.  However, there are some characteristics that the two share.  First, they both value friendship.  You can see this in Brutus' agonizing over whether to kill Caesar.  He hates what he believes Caesar is dong to Rome, but he does not want to hurt his friend.  You see this characteristic again in both men when they have an argument in Act IV scene II and make it up because of their friendship.  Another characteristic they share is a tendency towards conceit and envy.  Cassius shows this tendency strongly in his wooing of Brutus as he brags of his strength and Caesar's weakness.  Brutus shows this tendency by his willingness to listen to Caesar and to be flattered by the attention Cassius is showing him as well as to be swayed by the notes thrown in his window.   A third characteristic they share is too much pride to ever be carried through the streets of Rome in chains and so both men commit suicide.

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