What are three characteristics of Arthur Dent from The Hitchhickers Guide to the Galaxy?

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Karen P.L. Hardison eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Arthur Dent is a strange mixture of action and passivity. While content to go along with his Earthly routine in a passive and accommodating manner, he is nonetheless capable of energetic and earnest activity on behalf of his home and way of life. This is proven when he takes on the battle against the bulldozers poised to strike just outside the garden gate of his quite village home in England. Yet when his friend, Ford Prefect, tells him that the dolphins have spoken and that he needs a bath towel and must travel with him, he falls into his characteristic passivity and oddly enough is so awed and befuddled that he allows himself to be carried along. Added to this, is his willingness to accept people at face value, so when he is given an explanation for something, no matter how odd it seems, he always finally goes along.

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