What are the three character traits that the Nurse has?

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The first character trait of the Nurse is she loves to talk. In Act I, Scene 3, the Nurse goes on and on about how she raised Juliet since she was a babe.  Lady Capulet is trying to tell Juliet that County Paris wants to marry her.  Everytime Lady Capulet tries to get a word in the Nurse starts her ramblings.

The second character trait is the Nurse will do whatever it takes to make Juliet happy as if she were her daughter.  In Act II, Scene 4, she goes behind Lady and Lord Capulet's backs and meets secretly with Romeo to set up the wedding with Juliet.

The third character trait of the Nurse is she can be wishy-washy in her actions.  In Act II, Scene 5,After Romeo is exiled and Tybalt is killed by Romeo, the Nurse sides with Juliet's parents and tells her to marry Paris. She tells Juliet that Romeo is as good as dead and since she is still living, she should marry Paris.  She has totally betrayed Juliet at this point and Juliet has lost respect for the Nurse. 

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1. She's lowbrow. The nurse is a working class, bawdy character who makes comments and jokes at Juliet's expense. Her sexual undertones are inappropriate for a woman in charge of a young woman, yet she seems oblivious to this.
2. She's indiscrete. She tells too much, and ignores lady Capulet's and Juliet's request that she hold her tongue (1 iii). She tells Romeo that Juliet has another suitor who "would fain lay knife aboard" (wants to have sex with her) when there is no reason for her to reveal that info.

3. She is well-intentioned, but foolish. She seems concerned about Romeo's integrity, telling him it would be weak dealing if he were leading Juliet into a fool's paradise, yet in almost the next breath she's arranged to help Romeo hang a ladder to Juliet's bedroom.

3. Drama Queen (see the exchange between her and Juliet after she first sees Romeo)

4. She is pragmatic. When it looks as if things won't work out with Romeo, she counsels Juliet to take the second choice (Paris).

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The nurse is loving towards Juliet. She begins to tell a story about the young Juliet even though Lady Capulet doesn't want to hear it. It is remincent of a mother that tells everyone the time her toddler ran around a wedding naked. She is also loyal to her charge. She does help her out when trying to recieve the message from Romeo even though she knows who he is. The nurse is also very bawdy. Her language is not of the upper class. She can tell a rude joke if the occaision arises.

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