What are three Causes of world war?

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These are the causes leading to the World War (in detail):

+Problem number 1:

-Balkan Crisis 1908, the Austrian government annexing (joining two things together) Bosnia and Herzegovina, enrages Serbia, because Serbia is trying to create a pan-Slavic kingdom. Serbia got Bosnia and Herzegovina from the Ottoman Empire. Germany supports Austria, and Russia supports Serbia because it wanted to have more of its influence to have access to a canal through the Red Sea to gain access to the Mediterranean, to have its naval forces have a place to establish in (as in parking its naval forces in warm water.)

-Germany tells Russia to accept the annexation or face war, the Russian backed down because they were weakened by the Russo-Japanese War.

+Second problem:

-Serbia, Bulgaria, Greece, and Montenegro formed the Balkan League and defeated the Turks. The consequence was that the allies were unable to decide how to divide the conquered Turks provinces, become problem number 3.

+Thirds Problem:

-The second Balkan War: Greece, Serbia, Romania, and the Ottoman Empire attacked and defeated Bulgaria. Most of the lands were divided between Serbia and Greece.

+Fourth Problem:

-Ferdinand was going to Bosnia’s capital, when suddenly Gavrilo Prince, a Bosnian terrorist that supported the Black Hand, an anti-Austrian terrorist who cease to create a pan-Slavic kingdom, shot Ferdinand and his wife Sophia. Austria faced problems from the West to defeat the French and the East to defeat the Russian. The Schlieffen plan showed that the Triple Alliance should attack France from the West first, and then go to the East to fight with the Russian. G went through Belgium for an easier route  through land to fight France, which it refused, so the Britain joined the war, because German didn’t take notice of Britain’s warning about not to go through Belgium because it would disturb British’s treaty to keep Belgium’s neutrality.

-the Balkans was the most unstable region in Europe

-Austria-Hungary, a multi-national country who kept peace on the western part of Europe, a key security.



Causes:  power, trade, competition, markets, spread of Christianity.

Effects:  colonization, trade routes, Christianization, superiority.

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