What are the three categories of sin that Dante used in classification of sin (from Dante's Inferno)?

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Inferno consists largely of a description of Hell and the various ironic punishments that await sinners of every variety. There are many different horrendous torments that await sinners, all representing some varying degree of agony. So numerous are these sins that they comprise the nine circles of hell, with some circles being broken up into sub-categories. However, each and every one of them falls, according to Dante, into one of three categories of sin.

The first type of sin is the sin of incontinence, also known as wantonness. Essentially, these are sins that are committed in moments of weakness—one gives into temptation and sins, even though the sin was not directly harmful to others. These sins include lust, gluttony, wastefulness, and other sins that typically revolve around an inability or unwillingness to control one's appetite.

The second type of sin is violence, or bestiality. This type of sin revolves around crimes that are committed due to wrath or anger, and as they...

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