What are three books similar in theme to Chasing Lincoln’s Killer?

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I would suggest that you first look at the book itself. So, the title and description tell us this book is focusing on John Wilkes Booth and his role in the plot to assassinate Lincoln, and particularly the search for Booth that followed the shooting. You have a few directions to consider as you answer this question. 1. You can take it literally and find other books that discuss the assassination of Lincoln and the search for Booth. 2. You can broaden the scope of your search and find books discussing historical assassinations which look at both the victim and the killer. 3. You can put on a more abstract lens and look at deeper themes in this work, such as the look into the USA's divisions during that time (the Civil War) of unrest and tension; what other books use a similar historical event as a framework to discuss deeper social issues?

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