What are three benefits students may recieve through the study of American Born Chinese by Gene Luen Yang?This question could apply to any well-written graphic novel. I'm looking for a general answer.

books57 | Student

The graphic novel looks like an easy read for reluctant readers and can hook them in with the drawings.

Students who have trouble analyzing words may be more successful at interpreting the pictures and be able to enjoy searching for the deeper meanings in the story.

A group or page of panels can be compared to a stanza, paragraph, or verse of a song which groups can use for discussion purposes or writing gists. 

books57 | Student

Students must learn to decode illustrations as well as text and vocabulary in order to understand the author's message or theme.

Students may use the picture panels to study the effects of sequence.

Students will be challenged to summarize the plot in their own words, through inferences between graphics and dialogue.