According to Guns, Germs, and Steel, what are the areas of the world that are the earliest "haves?"

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You can find the answer to this question by reading in Chapter 5.  The answer is most clearly seen in Table 5.2.

In this book, "haves" are those societies that develop agriculture.  They are the first to have dense populations and they are the first to develop technology.  This makes them "haves."  According to Diamond, there were three early "haves."  These were the first places to independently domesticate plants and animals.  They were 

  • Fertile Crescent.  This area became a "have" in 8500 BC.
  • China.  This area domesticated plants and animals independently by 7500 BC.
  • Mesoamerica and the Andes/Amazonia.  Domestication in these areas happened by 3500 BC.
  • Eastern United States.  Domestication appeared here by 2500 BC.

These were the first areas to independently discover agriculture and become "haves."