What are the threats to the Maori culture?

Expert Answers
jessarm6 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are a number of threats to Maori culture. First, the influx of people moving into their homeland in the past exposed the Maori to new ideas. This continues to happen as more of New Zealand is urbanized. Not only are the Maori exposed to these ideas such as automobiles and the Internet but some Maori are marrying New Zealanders and raising their children in this 'mixed' culture which threatens to erase the Maori way of life. 

Second, the Maori have been continuing the trend of moving away from the country into cities. The city transforms their culture and many Maori are unaware of their language and heritage. Living in the city makes it difficult for the Maori to carry on their traditional way of cooking in the ground over a long period of time. 

Finally, with many Maori working in the city in a variety of jobs, the tradition of face tattoos is slowly being eroded. Many men find it difficult to obtain a job when their entire face is tattooed as tradition calls for.