What threat does Haimon make and how does Creon misinterpret it?

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thanatassa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The argument between Creon and Haemon progresses through several stages. In certain ways, both father and son are equally concernded for the good of the city, but Creon believes, in light of the devestation of the fratricdal wars, that the city can only prosper under a single strong ruler (technically, a tyrant) whereas Haemon sees submission to the gods and cooperation among factions, as advocated by Antigone, as the road to peace.

At first Creon, focussed on the question of individual power, sees Haemon`s arguments as an attempt to usurp power within Thebes, but only later realizes that the threat was not to challenge Creon, but to depart from the household, and indeed, life itself.