What thoughts are triggered in Ponyboy's mind when he saw Bob's picture in the yearbook?From the book The Outsiders.

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Ponyboy had to spend a week in bed to recover from the night of the rumble that ended in the deaths of both Johnny and Dallas Winston. He was so bored that he spent some time thumbing through Sodapop's old yearbook. When he came across one picture, he realized the face seemed familiar. It was Robert Sheldon--the Soc who Johnny had killed in the park. Pony had never really thought of him as a real person before, only a brutal enemy who hated greasers. Pony realized that he was good-looking with a "reckless grin." Pony thought of Johnny and then Cherry, and he wondered what attributes Bob had that drew him to the Soc cheerleader. Pony wondered if Bob had a "kid brother who idolized him." Or a big brother who "kept bugging him," like Darry. Did Bob's parents love "him too much or too little?" Did Bob's parents hate him for the part he played in Bob's death? (Pony claims to have preferred hatred over pity.) Above all, Pony recognized that Bob was just another teen, "cocky and scared stiff at the same time."

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