What thoughts do Jess and Leslie have for getting even with Janice Avery? 

Expert Answers
liesljohnson eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Jess and Leslie are eager to get even with Janice, the bully who stole May Belle's special treat, Twinkies, right out of her lunch box. Their first few ideas aren't very good, so they reject them: the idea of smearing honey onto the bus seat where she'll sit, so she'll get it all over her clothes; and the idea of sneaking some glue into her container of hand lotion, so she'll get her hands all sticky. Those ideas are pretty childish and messy, and they might not even work.

So they think a bit harder and consider trying to get Janice in trouble for something bad she already does, like smoking cigarettes in the bathroom at school. But they throw out this idea, too. As Jess explains, Janice would probably figure out who told on her and would just keep antagonizing Jess and May Belle.

The friends decide to try embarrassing Janice instead. They write a letter to Janice, pretending to be Willard Hughes, the cutest boy in the seventh grade. In the letter, they say that Willard desperately loves her and wants to meet her secretly. Then they sneak the letter into Janice's desk.

And the plan works perfectly. Janice misses her to bus to go on her fake date with Willard, he doesn't show up, of course, and all the other kids find out about it. Janice is horribly embarrassed.