What is this poem about ?  I cannot find any info on this poem by this author.

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When Death to Either shall come    WHEN Death to either shall come,—     I pray it be first to me,—   Be happy as ever at home,     If so, as I wish, it be.     Possess thy heart, my own;          5   And sing to the child on thy knee,   Or read to thyself alone     The songs that I made for thee.    


The poem by Robert Bridges is a very sensitive poem. Its main theme us death and it is emphasised not only in the title but also in the first line of the poem. The poet is willing to die and he is referring to someone.. He wishes that if someone from either one of them does die, he should be the first one for he belives it wil bring him peace. "Be happy as ever at home" means that the  poet perhaps is not at home or where he is he does not seem to be feeling the warmth and the love that one feels when at home. Hence, he wants to embrace death with open arms and get closer to the warmth and peace that he may receive when he dies. The first stanza consists of hyphens, whcih causes a break to occur. It shows that this thought may be sudden. Moreover, the ryhme scheme is a-b-a-b, which makes the poem more lyrical.

The second stanza talks about what the person he is talking to should do when he will die. The first two lines of the second stanza indicate the presence of a child and this brings the theme of innocence and how the poet wants to keep that alive and wants the peron he is talking to keep good care of the child. Moreover, he talks about the fact that the person should read his songs. That is, the songs that the poet wrote for his wife, or child or whoever he is talking to, can read them when he dies, for those songs will be a memory of the poet.

The poet may be thinking of death as an escape but he wants the people who are alive and who knew him to remember him even after his death. There is an element of sadness and the theme of death emphasises this element of sadness even more.


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what poem are you talking about?