What is this historical relationship between Israel and other countries or groups of people nearby (particularly the dominant cultural groups)?

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mizzwillie eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This question is directly related to the founding of modern Israel as a country.  Because of the Holocaust during WWII and the attempt to destroy all Jews, the need for a Jewish country became a priority issue for the Jewish people.  Many countries had refused entry to the Jews who tried to flee Germany, so the Jewish people felt that the only solution was a country of their own.  The Zionist movement, which advocated that the country be formed in the Middle East which was the historical home of the Jews, began a campaign and war to force the British and the United Nations to recognize the modern state of Israel which was accomplished in May, 1948.  The problem is that the land was already occupied by the Palestinians who were now without their own country because of the Jewish state of Israel being formed on the land they claimed as theirs.  Constant war has been the result as Israel fights the Arab world to keep Israel safe while expanding their boundaries such as in the 1973 war.  The Arab world feels that the country of Israel does not belong where it is because that is Palestinian land.  Thus, both military and propaganda wars continue.