A Man for All Seasons Questions and Answers
by Robert Bolt

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What is "A Man for All Seasons" about?

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"A Man for All Seasons" is a play by Robert Bolt. It depicts the relationship between King Henry VIII of England and his Chancellor, Sir Thomas More. When Henry decided to divorce Katherine of Aragon and marry Anne Boleyn, he broke all ties with the pope and the Roman Catholic Church.

To secure Anne's place as his new queen, Henry ordered all members of his court and other nobility to take an oath on an Act of Succession, an order passed by Parliament that declared any children of Henry and Anne could succeed to the throne, but made it illegal for the child of Henry and Katherine to become queen. Being a devout Catholic, More refused to accept Henry's marriage to Anne Boleyn as legitimate, and he refused to take the oath. He was charged with treason and sent to the Tower to await execution.

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