What are thirty events that happened in The Kite Runner?  

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I'll be happy to get you started with a dozen or so important events from The Kite Runner.

1.  The novel opens in California in 2001 with the narrator, Amir, reminiscing about his prior life.

2.  Flashing back to Afghanistan in the 1970s, we are introduced to Amir's servant friend, Hassan, who has a harelip.

3.  We find that Hassan and his father, Ali (who is crippled), are Hazzara, a scorned minority in Afghanistan.

4.  Amir writes his first short story, but his father, Baba, is not impressed. Baba hopes for more manly and physical pursuits for his son.

5.  Amir, with Hassan as his runner, wins the kite-flying contest in Kabul.

6.  Shortly after the end of the contest, Hassan is cornered and raped by a group of boys. Amir witnesses the crime, but he does not interfere.

7.  Explosions are heard in Kabul; it is the beginning of the Russian invasion.

8.  Jealous of Baba's interest in Hassan, Amir plants personal belongings in Hassan's room. Ali and Hassan leave Baba's household in shame.

9.  Amir and Baba leave Kabul secretly. They make it to Pakistan and, eventually, California, where they begin life again from scratch.

10.  Formerly rich and powerful, Baba begins work at a convenience store. Amir eventually goes to college.

11.  Baba and Amir grow closer, sharing their interest in flea marketing.

12.  Baba is diagnosed with cancer.

13.  Amir meets Soraya, and they marry shortly before Baba's death.

14.  Amir learns that Hassan is actually Baba's son--and his half-brother.

15.  Amir further discovers that Hassan's son is still living in Afghanistan.

16.  Amir decides to return to the Taliban-controlled Afghanistan to find Sohrab, Hassan's son and Amir's half-nephew.

17.  Amir finds Sohrab. Amir is nearly beaten to death, but he manages to sneak Sohrab back to Pakistan.

18.  Amir and Sohrab return to California.

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