What do you think of the fashion industry's approach to target young consumers at Fashion Week? Should designers be creating brands aimed at this market?

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Fashion Week (which is held London, Paris, Milan, and New York) and fashion labels target young consumers in several ways. First, Fashion Week uses social media, including Instagram, to capture images of the models on the runways. They also feature photos of the models behind the scenes, and they make the life of a fashion model seem glamorous and festive, like a party teens would want to attend. Fashion labels like Prada use celebrities, such as Kim Kardashian, to pose for ads. In these ads, Kardashian appeared semi-nude or nude and in very suggestive poses. By targeting teenagers, Fashion Week and fashion labels suggest teens are ready for the suggestive clothing and adult lifestyle they are marketing. They are marketing a lifestyle that is based on expensive, revealing clothing that many would argue is more appropriate for adults who have the money and discretion to choose what they want to wear. While fashion labels are trying to cultivate teenage followers so these young consumers will be faithful to their brand in the coming years, I believe what they are doing is not in the best interest of teenagers. 

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