What comes to mind while reading the story?

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

One of the most pressing realities that the story brings out is the idea of how corruption is so much a part of the modern setting. In an age of globalization where the intent is to improve the lives of many, how the issue of political corruption is to be addressed becomes the critical question.  Essentially, what hope is there for an emerging society when the elected government officials are more corrupt than the criminals, who, by comparison, seem honest?  In the end, the death of the thief is  heart wrenching   because at least Bana was honestly helping people who depended on him.  This is more morally righteous than the government officials who conspired with him and used their position of power for their own benefit. 

I think that the issue of how corruption has to be replaced with transparent government in order for people's lives to be better is one thought that emerges upon reading the story.  Given how the work is constructed in the late 1980s, reading the story in a modern context suggests that if globalization is to be considered successful, it has to transform the corruption that is such a part of government all over the world.

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