What are things that cause water pollution? Ex: Smoke & Oil from factories

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The things that causes water pollution are-

* The acids that are released in the water bodies by the factories.

* The waste products are realeased to the water bodies from the houses, hospitals etc.


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The chief sources of water pollution are (1) sewage and other waste, (2) industrial effluents, (3) agriculture discharges and (4) industrial wastes from chemical industries, fossil fuel plants(thermal power plants) and nuclear power plants. Each of these sources of pollution carries a variety of pollutants that enter our water bodies. Polluted waters, however, are turbid, unpleasant, bad smelling, unfit for drinking, bath, and washing or other purposes. They are harmful and are vehicles of many diseases as cholera, dysentery, typhoid etc. One of the most common primary sources of water pollution is the discharge of untreated or partly treated sewage in water bodies.