What are the things Holden likes and dislikes in The Catcher in the Rye?Please show the quote and the # of chapter if possiable. Thanks.

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Holden loves anything connected to a sense of innocence, mainly children, and he dislikes anything that tries to rob people of their sense of innocence, mainly "phonies."  For example, in the last few chapters, Holden goes to meet Phoebe and he takes her to the park to ride the carousel.  While she rides, he watches her and is glad that she is taking a risk so that she can learn from her childhood experiences.  Holden appreciates the sense of innocence that Phoebe has, and this is why he likes being around her.  On the other hand, Holden hates people who steal the innocence away from others.  In Chapter 4, Holden learns that Jane is going on a date with Stradlater.  Holden hates Stradlater because Stradlater does not consider the feelings of others.  Holden has a crush on Jane, yet feels inadequate and does not tell her his true feelings.  He knows that Stradlater does not genuinely like Jane and that he is simply going to use her by going out with her.  So Holden likes anything that reminds him of childhood innocence and hates anything that tries to take that away.

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