What things did Sarah, Tess, and Alice sacrifice in this novel. I need to know a full explanation of all three characters what they sacrificed in their past and how it may affect them in the present?

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A sacrifice is most often voluntary. I'd say that these three women lost a great deal, but little of it was voluntary. It was theft, not sacrifice, for the most part.

Alice loses her freedom, as she is captured and sold as a slave. She loses children to illness. She loses her connection with the other slaves/freemen, who don't trust her because she sleeps with Rufus. We can assume she loses some sense of herself along the way.

Tess loses her health (when Tom injures her), then her job (when he discards her), then her place in the hierarchy, when she is sent to work the fields.

Sarah loses her children, who are sold away from her.

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