What things did Matt learn from Attean?

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Though the only thing Attean is to give Matt in return for teaching him how to read is food, the two begin to spend time together in the wilderness, where Attean teaches Matt Indian ways of hunting, fishing and survival.

One of the first things that Attean teaches Matt is at Matt's request after he realizes that the rabbit Attean brings him to eat has no bullet hole. Matt asks how Attean killed the rabbit. Attean shows Matt how to trap rabbits with a snare made from plant roots. When Attean attempts to show Matt how to fish with a spear, he finds it difficult. Attean then shows Matt how to create a fish hook from twigs. Later, Matt wants to learn how to use a bow and arrow, so Attean teaches Matt how to make his own and use it. While participating in all these activities in the wilderness, Attean shows Matt how to recognize the signs that all the tribes leave in the wilderness for each other. Woven throughout all of the things Attean teaches Matt is the underlining concept of respecting nature and each other.

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