In Hatchet, what things did Brian think about when he woke up from his second sleep?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Upon waking from the second sleep, Brian starts to take some basic stock in where he is and what has happened.

After the first sleep, Brian was completely overcome with the uncertainty in the post- reality plane crash.  He struggled through physical pain, swarms of biting flies and mosquitoes, and the heat.  He ends up collapsing out of exhaustion.  

As he wakes up from this second sleep, Brian thinks about what he knows as certainties.  He thinks about how thirsty is and how could "drink all the water he could find." He thought about where he was, which was nowhere that he could identify. Brian becomes overwhelmed by such a large magnitude of powerlessness, so he begins to think about the basic elements that he knows. 

Brian's thought patterns become even more simplified.  He thinks about his name, his age, and how he got here in terms of seeking to visit his father and the plane went down into the lake.  His thoughts moved to the searchers who would not be able to find him and his parents who would be wracked with fear about him.  After reflecting on the hunger which was eating away at him, Brian's thoughts turn towards the words of his former English teacher, Mr. Perpich, who told him to stay motivated.  It became clear that thinking positively and echoing Perpich's words would be some of the most important thoughts that Brian generates after his second sleep.