What things can I include regarding Baba in relation to the prompt of "The Kite Runner reveals the role of courage in shaping the individual."

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Courage shapes Baba in several ways.  The first would be in his role as Baba the legend.  In Afghanistan, Baba had the courage to embrace strength and honor as part of his being.  He carried himself in a manner that was demonstrative and clearly unafraid of that which being in the world presented.  For Baba, courage in the form of austerity was the exact reason that he was distant from his son.  Amir failed to demonstrate the characteristics that Baba felt defined courage in the most traditional of senses.  For Baba the legend, courage shaped his being in the world.

This demonstration of courage revealed itself in a different form when Baba made his way to America.  It was here in which courage shaped him as an individual.  Baba had to possess courage to embrace a different form of being in the world.  In America, Baba worked long hours in work that might have been seen as demeaning and did so for his son's benefit.  Baba possessed the courage to honestly and openly work for his son's betterment.  This courage shaped him in making him more reflective and thoughtful.  It shaped him to become proud of his son, more willing to accept differences in the world.  For Baba, courage becomes the ingredient that enables him to embrace change in the world and in his own sense of being.

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