See link below. What can we learn and how can we use this to invest?

Expert Answers
readerofbooks eNotes educator| Certified Educator

What we have here is a calendar of important dates for the economy. As you probably know, each of the dates is significant for some economic reason and the more we know about what these dates represent, the better our vision will be for the purpose of investing. Let me give you a few example.

First, if you know that the Federal reserve is going to meet to discuss interest rates, then you know that the markets might be quiet until there is a better sense of what the Federal reserve might be doing. Also if you feel that the Federal government will print more money, then you will want to invest in precious metals.

Second, if you know that certain companies are going to release earnings reports, then you  might might want to buy or sell based on what you think their earnings will report. For example, if people bought before Apple released their earnings, they would have made 10% in one day.

Third, employment numbers, as you might expect, would be very important. By looking at this number, you will be able to gauge where the economy is going. If the numbers are strong, then you might want to invest more.