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In Anton Chekhov's "The Confession" what are they threatening to do if they find out that Gregory Kuzmich is guilty of stealing?

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In "The Confession" , by Anton Chekhov, Gregory receives an open threat from his wife; the woman who, prior to his job promotion, had clearly showed him no affection whatsoever. Shortly after, he received another threat from his brother, Yevlampy. Just like Gregory's wife, Yevlampy thought quite poorly of Gregory

he considered me a selfish parasite, in capable of self-sacrifice, and for this he despised me.

Also like Gregory's wife, he suddenly has a change of heart over his brother when he hears the news about the cashier position.

The threats occurred during the party that Gregory was asked to throw for his friends and co-workers. Most of the attendees had taken money from Gregory and were gorging on the food and drink that Gregory had spent on them; meanwhile they were also whispering maliciously behind Gregory's back, calling him a thief.

As a result, the wife tells Gregory that if the rumors of his stealing are true, she will leave

"I warn you. I cannot go on living with a thief. I'll leave"

Similarly, even though Yevlampy took five thousand rubles out of Gregory that night, he suddenly became "ethical" and also warned him about the rumors even as he is pocketing the money.

"Watch out! I will not be brother to a thief"

Therefore, between the taking of Gregory's money, and the rumors of his having stolen it, those who had once benefited from Gregory openly shouted that there will be an inspection the next day. This is how Gregory gets caught and hence his confession comes as a result of what took place.

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