What are Homer's epic poems used to portray about our society or what values do they seek to impart to our society based on the article below? The following is the article: http://www.wsu.edu:8001/~dee/MINOA/HOMER.HTM

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The article makes very clear that the vales to be taken away from Homer's works are the notions of honor and glory.  The fact that Greek society placed such a high value on these attributes is something that can be applied to our own setting.  The implication is that Homer's works are timeless in their applicable qualities from the Greek setting to our own.  The concluding note of the article suggests that there is something inherently good in achieving one's greatest potential as a human being in one's own time.  As the article draws from this from Achilles and Odysseus and implies that this is a quality that individuals in the modern setting can absorb.  In the end, these areas are the values that can be imparted in the psyches of the modern reader.

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