What is the thesis statement for Dreams of My Father by Barrack Obama?

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There might not be one thesis statement for the President's work, but rather many.  One such thesis might concern the notion of the bildungsroman and how one comes of age.  The memoirs presented shows the reader that multiple forces converge on one's identity.  Issues of race, class, gender, psychology, and ethnicity play massive roles in the formation of Barrack, Barry, and the man that is Barrack Obama.  Another thesis that might emerge is how conflict and confusion are an integral part to identity formation.  What makes the work so fascinating is that it is one of the first narratives to emerge from an experience wrought of conflict and challenge.  Unlike most politicians' narratives that are told from the points of view of wealth, privilege, and exclusivity, this particular one is told from economic challenge, abandonment, and forces of mortality.  The exploration of these ideas might constitute worthy thesis statements, as they are present throughout the President's work.

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